KVOS’ Services


Relief Options for Small Animal Practice and ER/Specialty Hospitals

KVOS provides temporary relief staffing services to private and corporate veterinary hospitals to allow for the continuation of workflow and patient care.  We aim to establish a safe space for credentialed technicians and support staff to provide quality patient care during their exploration of work/life balance.

KVOS is presently a sole-owner employee business, with the mind set to grow and continuing to offer flexible staffing options for clinics and hospitals that are experiencing a shortage of staff. There are a number of factors that may contribute to the disruption of workflow, yet it is our goal to ensure that each practice and hospital has the resources available to continue providing quality and efficient patient care. 

Short-term staffing solutions: Relief until Return / Relief until Replacement

  • Employee work/life balance
  • Individual taking leave to enjoy the birth or adoption of child(ren)
  • Individuals taking time off to care for family members
  • Building a better culture
Veterinary Technicians: ER/Specialty and GP

Providing experienced registered veterinary technicians for hospitals seeking temporary shift coverage.  Click here to learn more about current KVOS RVT contractors.

Veterinary Technician: General Practice only

Providing experienced registered veterinary technicians to those hospitals seeking temporary shift coverage.

Veterinary Assistants

Providing experienced veterinary assistants to those hospitals seeking temporary shift coverage.